We provide a full range of treatment for all your pets including dental, desexing, emergency surgery and vaccinations.

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General information about common pet problems can be found in our Library.

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Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday : 8am – 6pm
Thursday : 8am – 8pm
Saturday : 8am – 2pm
Sunday : 9am – 2pm

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Our Team

Dr Pagaen Boyd
Veterinary Director
Dr Melanie Matthews
Senior Veterinarian
Deanna Richards
Practice Manager
Kait Clevenger
Head Veterinary Nurse
Paige Roberts
Veterinary Nurse
Alex Jarrett
Veterinary Nurse
Nikki Teesdale
Reproduction Nurse
Julie Flesser
Reception Manager
Kelly Withers
Mumma Cat
Director of Hospital Operations
Jade Brown
Senior Veterinary Nurse
Guy Beresford
Veterinary Nurse
Dr Geraldine Gorman
Senior Veterinarian
Louise Johnsson
Senior Veterinary Nurse
Dr Gracen Mason
Katie Phillips
Senior Veterinary Nurse